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Our company has been producing rolling stock elements and parts since 1978. We are regular supplier of the elements and parts for PKP CARGO, Rolling Stock Service Works (Zaklady Naprawcze Taboru Kolejowego), private-owned service works and rolling stock production works.
We are in permanent co-operation with The Railway Technical Inspection and Transport Technical Inspection
Offices. The products manufactured in our company have adequate certificates and approvals.

At present, the list of products manufactured by our company for the railway industry encompasses over 1400 items. Additional, we provide used parts regeneration services, and the services of adjusting the used parts to the present requirements. We regenerate and modernize 1 XTa wagon carriage triangle brakes including their variants. The long list of references enables us to ascertain that we are a reliable, with recognized reputation producer.


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1. coupling bar 5ZW

2. manual driven door opener

3. air vessels for train's braking systems

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